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WWF Attitude

WWF Attitude WWF Attitude WWF Attitude WWF Attitude WWF Attitude WWF Attitude

Release Date

August 5, 1999


Teen - ESRB






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WWF Attitude is the smash follow up to WWF War Zone; the #1 Sports title for 1998! Over 40 of your favorite WWF Superstars like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, D-Generation X, Mankind, Kane, Val Venis, Ken Shamrock, Al Snow, Sable and many more are featured on this game! First ever Create Your Own Pay Per View Mode: Select 8 wrestler matches, Title Belts on the line, Specialty Matches and Authentic WWF Special Events, over 20 Game modes including all new Specialty Matches: LumberJack, Survivor Series, Triple Threat and King of the Ring, all new options include: First Blood, I Quit, 2 out of 3 falls, Iron Man, Tornado, Hard Core, Last Man Standing, Steel Cage and Weapons. Wrestle a full WWF season in all new Career mode: House shows to TV tapings like Monday Night Raw to the ultimate Pay Per View Event: Wrestlemania! With the All-New Create-a-Wrestler Options you can customize your wrestler's move sets by selecting moves from your favorite superstars. You can create your own costume including custom text on T-Shirts, trunks and jackets. Comes with All-New facial characteristics and custom theme songs. Action features include photo realistic polygonal wrestlers with real-life faces and 3-D environments, all-new motion captured maneuvers by the premiere talent in the WWF, over 400 moves including signature moves for each wrestler, trademark finishing moves and taunts unique to each wrestler, 2 man commentary featuring Shane McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler, training mode: practice maneuvers before you take on your opponent, surprise your opponents with all-new weapons (and some old favorites) including Vince McMahon's bedpan, baseball bat, shovel, TV monitor and more, and special cheats and codes.