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The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris

The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris

Release Date

April 2, 2002






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The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris is based on the Rock's role in the Universal Pictures film The Scorpion King. After the events of the movie, the evil Menthu has risen to power determined to lead his legions of warriors and destroy Egypt once and for all. As the Scorpion King, you must journey through ancient deserts, overpowering everything in your path, to find the Sword of Osiris and unleash its powers on Menthu. The game introduces an all-new cast of enemies who hatch an evil plot to destroy the Scorpion King. You must master the environment by scaling ceilings, jumping walls, and climbing chains. Explore eight unique worlds, from the crypts to the cities of ancient Egypt. You will fight enemies using swords and scimitars, and will face off against jackal heads, giant beetles, and the winged undead.