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NASCAR Thunder 2002

NASCAR Thunder 2002

Release Date

October 16, 2001






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NASCAR Thunder 2002 roars to the front of the pack with a revolutionary new graphics engine from the developers of Madden NFL, a new career mode, and a new level of interactivity that brings the racetrack to life. Get "in the game" like never before: hear what the driver hears, see what the driver sees, and feel what the driver feels. NASCAR Thunder 2002 features more cars than ever on the track, realistic car damage, and dynamic track environments with dragging car parts and rolling tires. You can make your own NASCAR legend by creating your own car in the paint shop and working your way up through the ranks, adding sponsors and better equipment as you win on the track. NASCAR Thunder 2002 also features an Easy Play mode with driving assists for new players, all 23 NASCAR tracks--including the Chicagoland Speedway and Kansas Speedway--the new Dodge cars, and updated teams, drivers, and paint schemes for the 2001 season.