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Family Feud

Family Feud

Release Date

March 1, 1993






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Meet the Johnson family. Meet the Smith family. Let's get ready to play the Feud! The fun and trivia of FAMILY FEUD has landed on the Sega Genesis. Join host Louie Anderson as two five-member teams try to guess the most popular answers to open-ended survey questions. However, giving an answer not on the board will earn a strike. Just like baseball, three strikes and you‘re out, and the opposition gets a chance to steal the points you've earned by guessing one of the remaining answers. The team that gets to 300 points first plays Fast Money, where two team members must come up with answers in a 15-second round and try to earn a total of 200 points. With the power of the Sega Genesis, the set from the show is perfectly recreated. FAMILY FEUD puts the excitement of the television show right in your living room.