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ESPN Baseball 2k4

ESPN Baseball 2k4 ESPN Baseball 2k4 ESPN Baseball 2k4 ESPN Baseball 2k4 ESPN Baseball 2k4 ESPN Baseball 2k4

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April 13, 2004






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ESPN Major League Baseball raises the bar with Power Pitching, Online Gameplay and a stellar ESPN presentation featuring Jon Miller and Karl Ravech. A new name, a new season, a new way to play! - Key Features Power Pitching - Take complete control of the mound with new pitches, pitch speeds, pitch interface, pitch animations, pitcher momentum and exclusive ESPN K-Zone pitch analysis. Take Your Game Online - Experience seamless online gameplay for Xbox. ESPN Presentation - An all-star cast featuring Jon Miller and Karl Ravech delivers insightful game analysis along with everything you'd expect from an ESPN Major League Baseball broadcast. Broken Bats and More - Hundreds of new, break-through animations including broken bats, mound conferences, on-deck batters, curtain calls, and player reactions. New General Manager Mode - Now you'll have to answer to the owners if you can't keep your club running on all cylinders. If you don't make wise decisions, you can get fired by your team or, if successful, be lured away by other teams. Clutch Gameplay - A new momentum meter allows you to tap into the power of your player when you need it most. The Trophy Room - Earn and display trophies by accomplishing in-game goals and surpassing MLB... milestones.