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College Football USA 97: The Road To New Orleans

College Football USA 97: The Road To New Orleans

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May 24, 1996






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If you've always thought that you could do it better than Joe Paterno or Bobby Bowden, now's your chance to prove it with COLLEGE FOOTBALL USA '97 for the Sega Genesis. You can choose from 111 Division I-A teams, all with the same goal, get to the Sugar Bowl for a chance at the National Championship. As you work your way through the season, the USA TODAY/CNN Coaches Poll will keep you up-to-date on where you stand, and the full stat tracking will let you know who's performing well and who's slacking. If you feel like your team is just one skilled player away from greatness, create him and recruit him to your school! With COLLEGE FOOTBALL USA '97, the National Championship is within your reach, do you have what it takes to claim it?