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Wipeout 3

Wipeout 3 Wipeout 3 Wipeout 3 Wipeout 3 Wipeout 3 Wipeout 3

Release Date

September 30, 1999






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The original Wipeout game is still perceived as a benchmark title by which all other PC & video racing games are judged. Wipeout 3 is the ultimate, hi-speed, adrenaline-pumping, anti-gravity racer. Utilizing full hi-res mode throughout, Wipeout 3 includes eight new, highly detailed, polished tracks set in varied areas of a futuristic city. The game also offers all-new craft designs, with 3 new teams in addition to the 5 available in Wipeout XL, and 7 new weapons with 5 of the best retained from its predecessor. An improved progression system ensures that Wipeout 3 will be accessible enough to make newcomers feel right at home, yet still represent the most extreme, racing experience that hardcore fans could ever wish for. Features include the following: The fastest adrenaline pumping racing game on the PlayStation game console, the only game with the amazing Spiral Loop Track, High resolution graphics mode, the unique triple fire target missle weapon, 5 exclusive tracks mixed especially for the game by DJ Sasha, multiplayer gaming with vertical and horizontal split screen, 8 visually stunning new circuits, 8 unique teams and craft, more varied learning curve for players of all skill levels, improved craft handling and dynamics, 5 game modes (challenge, tournament, and eliminator). The soundtrack by DJ Sasha featuring Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Underworld, Propellerheads and Paul Van Dyk.