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January 5, 2000






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In WETRIX+, a TETRIS-on-steroids variation, it is your job to create lakes made by falling water pieces by moving blocks on a 3D surface. Don't let too much water run off the surface and into the drain; once the drain fills up the game is over. Sounds easy, right? But wait, there's more … you start with Upper pieces, which build up the land around where they are dropped. Use these to create enclosure for the imminent arrival of the Water pieces, forming lakes and reservoirs. Then you encounter Downer pieces that lower the land they touch, so be careful or the side of your lake could collapse. You also have falling fireballs, which are used to evaporate the water and can be of much needed assistance, as well as falling bombs that can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on your skillful use of the holes they create. And beware of Earthquakes, which can occur if too many upper pieces are placed in a heavy manner. Play in Single-Player mode or build up energy and unleash attacks against an opponent in Two-Player mode. Either way, WETRIX+ is a swimmingly good time.