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Virtua Fighter 4

Virtua Fighter 4

Release Date

March 19, 2002


Teen - ESRB






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This new version of the definitive hand-to-hand martial arts sim features fully optimized graphics designed to harness the power of the PlayStation2. Virtua Fighter 4 also delivers an extremely deep fighting system, highly tuned AI, and two new characters hungry for their place at the top. If you are new to the Virtua Fighter series, the in-depth training system will teach you the art of combat, move by move. Rewards await those who master every move, and you can expect to unlock a few secret techniques along the way.

Two new characters (Lei Fei and Vanessa Lewis) join 11 VF veterans for a grand total of 13 fighters, each with his or her own unique styles based on real martial arts. New counters and defensive moves allow players to switch up their stances and fighting styles midbout. High-polygon character models, exquisite detail, and brilliant light sourcing combine to create breathtaking visuals. You can also train a computer-controlled character through sparring and an easy-to-use rewards system, then pit your character against a friend's, or challenge the arcade mode. A new accessory system allows you to customize your character's clothing, sunglasses, hairstyles, and more.