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Virtua Fighter 3tb

Virtua Fighter 3tb Virtua Fighter 3tb Virtua Fighter 3tb Virtua Fighter 3tb Virtua Fighter 3tb

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October 14, 1999






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The fighting game series that turned the arcades upside down is now debuting on Dreamcast. "Virtua Fighter 3TB" has everything that made the original an arcade mega-hit, plus a new team battle mode that allows for tournament play. On Dreamcast, "Virtua Fighter 3TB" incorporates incredible 3D gaming environments and characters, fluid gameplay and life-like graphics, allowing for a perfect translation of the smooth fighting moves and graphics found in the Model 3 arcade machine. The first 3D fighting game to have interactive environments which influence gameplay, including elevated platforms. 10 original characters from VF2, including Akira, Pai, Sarah Bryant, plus two all-new characters. Life-like fighting characters literally watch their opponent's every move, fall forward if kicked from behind and lose their balance if pushed towards the edge of platforms. 13 fighting stages, including walled arenas, a tropical island, a subway station and the Great Wall of China. Gamers can view individual player performance, win/loss percentages and rankings for each fighter to determine their skill level. In "Practice Mode", gamers can check their moves, practice difficult techniques and master combination attacks by viewing the button sequences of fighting moves on-screen.