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The King of Fighters 2003

The King of Fighters 2003

Release Date

March 18, 2004


  • Publisher: SNK
  • Developer: SNK





The fighting competition of the highest standards, on the greatest scale in the world - "The King of Fighters." Here on this stage Rugal was defeated, the Orochi were contained and sealed away, and the mighty conglomerate NESTS was taken down. A myriad of unfolding dramas. Yet these were always hidden behind some sort of thick veil or other, remaining out of the public eye. Even with such a checkered history, the opening of this yearユs King of Fighters was decided on. The sponsor of the competition was, yet again, a mysterious personage, and owing to the circumstances, various suppositions traveled through assorted lands like wildfire. But in spite of all the hubbub, one veteran contestant after another made their intentions to enter the competition known. Upon verification that numerous well-known fighters had entered the competition, the heretofore discreet media coverage of the event shifted into 24/7 overdrive. With the announcement of the inception from this KOF tournament of the new "multi-shift" rule, allowing competitors to freely tag off during battles, the competition developed into a social phenomenon and monopolized discussions around the world. Newspapers and magazines put together feature articles almost on a weekly basis while ersatz critics pounded their desks and made impassioned commentary on TV day after day about this rule, which simultaneously required a speedy execution of the match and a unified team strategy.