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Soul Calibur

Soul Calibur Soul Calibur Soul Calibur Soul Calibur Soul Calibur

Release Date

September 9, 1999


Teen - ESRB






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Welcome to the stage of history! The sequel to the arcade hit SOUL BLADE has arrived on the Dreamcast, and it has never looked better. A fully three-dimensional brawler, SOUL CALIBUR is a visual feast, but also has the depth that fighting fans crave. Choose from 20 unique warriors, each with their own weapon of choice and martial arts style—as well as their own reasons for searching out the current owner of the Soul Edge, a blade of mysterious origin and untold power. Fight through a standard tournament, or take on your friends—but remember, these aren't your only options. SOUL CALIBUR also contains a quest across the world map, pitting you against challenges that will test your skill, but will also unlock hidden secrets and characters. With the addition of Team Battle, Time Attack, and Survival modes, there should be plenty of challenge here for even the most seasoned fighting game veteran.