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Sega GT Online

Sega GT Online Sega GT Online Sega GT Online Sega GT Online Sega GT Online Sega GT Online Sega GT Online

Release Date

January 27, 2004


Teen - ESRB






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No racing game on Xbox has received as much play time as Sega GT 2002. Offering unprecedented value whether it be through the dynamic GT 2002 mode as players earned licenses, purchased and sold the top cars of our time, or customized their rides with performance boosting parts. Now with Sega GT Online, gamers will take their hard-earned cars and race them in multiplayer battles against the growing Xbox Live community. Thunder around the classic tracks that you know like the back of your hand or test your skills on new strips of asphalt designed to put even the most customized cars to the test. Over 165 cars are available to players online and off with over 40 new cars in addition to last year’s roster. Sega GT Online also introduces a feature completely new to the Xbox Live community – trading. Gamers can meet fellow gear heads online to trade parts, accessories, and even bet the pink slip of their cars in online competition. Sega GT Online has tuned-up the best racing game on Xbox and made it street legal for 2003.