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Robo Army

Robo Army

Release Date

December 20, 1991


  • Publisher: SNK
  • Developer: SNK





In a world full of chaos and destruction, a new dark power ruled the land. The cyber army called Hell Jeed have come within the reach of their final objective... to create cyber cities; robot infested cities where no humans can be found. A hostile takeover... the people were of no match... the masses were slaughtered... their human brains used to equip the new soldiers of Hell Jeed. The cyber army's invasion struck fear into the population of the major cities and the few lucky inhabitants fled for their lives. Unprotected and battle scarred, the world seemed doomed and mankind's end was near... But all hope was not lost, Maxima and Rocky have been called to return peace to the land. Will Hell Jeed dominate the world? Can Hell Jeed be stopped? In this 46 MEG 2 player action smash, attempt to defeat the evil Hell Jeed by helping Maxima and Rocky, the two greatest war soldiers of the legendary ROBO ARMY!