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Power Stone

Power Stone Power Stone Power Stone Power Stone Power Stone Power Stone

Release Date

September 9, 1999


Teen - ESRB






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The Power Stones are mythical gems of great power, which, according to superstition, could make any wish come true. Join in the quest to find out if the legend is true in POWER STONE for the Dreamcast. Play as one of eight characters in search of the Power Stones: Rogue, Falcon, Ryoma, Wang Tang, Ayame, Galuda, Gunrock, or Jack. Each character has his own specialties and weapons, and if you collect three Power Stones, your character will morph into a much larger and more powerful alter ego, giving you the upper hand in any battle. In addition to your character being able to morph, the environments are also fully interactive, meaning that you can pick up almost anything and use it as a weapon, including chairs, tables, plants, and barrels. You can also take advantage of the 3D world and jump or climb to different levels to either escape an attack or plan a new one. You can go at it in the Single-Player mode or challenge up to three friends and determine who can proclaim himself the POWER STONE champion.