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Power Stone

Power Stone

Release Date

October 14, 1999






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A new revolution begins...Power Stone kicks off Capcom's line up on the Sega Dreamcast with the most breathtaking graphics ever seen in a fighting game. Fully interactive 3-D worlds allow players to interact with the environment like never before. Swing off a light post, run up walls and pick up items like tables and barrels in swashbuckling battles with opponents. Plus collect three power stones and your character transforms into a raging super-being, executing deadly power fusion moves. A huge arsenal of weapon power-ups: bazookas, flame-throwers, swords, time bombs, Molotov cocktails and more. In Power Stone, players are introduced to an entirely new form of battle in an interactive 3-D environment where cunning, strategy and quick reflexes are a must. Characters are pitted against each other in beautifully landscaped interactive 3D environments as they battle to collect power stones. Once a player obtains three stones, they are transformed into a super being who can execute "power drive" and "power fusion" moves. These moves are crushing super moves that can be executed with the touch of a button. Power Stone is a one or two player game and features two modes of play. In the Arcade Mode players pit their skills against various capable computer opponents. In the Two Player Mode players can battle their favourite characters in insane one-on-one, free-roaming mayhem. Power Stone features eight all-new and very mysterious characters. Falcon is a gentleman from England who specialises in boxing. Ryoma is a Samurai from Japan who fights with a Samurai sword. Wang Tang is a Chinese martial artist with lightning-fast moves. Jack, is modelled after the infamous "Jack the Ripper". Gunrock is a gigantic fighter from Brazil who works in a coal mine and relies on his awesome strength. Eight mysterious new characters pit their skills against each other in beautiful 3-D environments as they battle to collect power stones.