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Fatal Fury

Fatal Fury

Release Date

December 20, 1991


  • Publisher: SNK
  • Developer: SNK





Fighting is one of the oldest sports of all time, for warriors being the BEST is the ultimate goal... But being the best can be Fatal. Bogard dedicated his entire life to being just that! He trained hard and perfected his martial arts ability. City after city, Bogard defeated the top fighters and earned the right to challenge the notorious Geese Howard. The winner would be champion and would be crowned the "King of Fighters". Geese was overpowering and deadly. Bogard underestimated the vicious attacks of Geese. In the brutal battle, Geese kills the brave Bogard, without remorese..... Bogard's sons, Andy and Terry, and his friend Joe Higashi were devastated. They swore avengence to their father's death. You must help them in their quest for revenge! Be Andy, Terry or Joe and journey from city to city to defeat their top fighters. Use their uncontrollable Fury to reach Geese and avenge Bogard's death in this 2 player simultaneous, 46 MEG, Head to Head fighting spectacular.