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Eternal Ring

Eternal Ring Eternal Ring

Release Date

October 26, 2000


Teen - ESRB






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Who Said Fantasies Had To Be Final?

A young magician is sent by his King to investigate the strange happenings on the Island of No Return. Armed with his sword and his natural talent as a sorcerer, Cain attempts to be the first person to return from the island alive. Legend has it that magical powers lay dormant at the heart of the island — an island inhabited by numerous beasts and enormous dragons that were supposed to have died long ago. As Cain, you must solve several baffling scenarios whilst keeping your hide intact in your search for the ultimate magic ring.

  • First-person view requires precise combat skills
  • Stunning giant dragon action sequences
  • Enhanced graphics create dramatic scenes
  • Gather magic rings to cast devastating spells
  • Terrifying monsters inhabit the island of No Return
  • Enhanced polygon graphics of giant dragons and enemies in a completely 3D world.
  • Collect multiple magic rings to build an arsenal of offensive adn defensive spells.
  • Real time atmospheric effects include time of day and weather FX.
  • First-person perspective in an RPG adventure where your combat skills will rely more on magic than swordplay.