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Earthworm Jim 2

Earthworm Jim 2 Earthworm Jim 2 Earthworm Jim 2 Earthworm Jim 2 Earthworm Jim 2 Earthworm Jim 2

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September 18, 1995






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Everyone's favorite earthworm superhero is back for more wacky high jinks in EARYHWORM JIM 2. Once again, you play the role of Earthworm Jim as you traverse through more crazy worlds filled with some of the weirdest and wildest enemies you've ever seen. Princess What's-Her-Name has been kidnapped by Psy-Crow, and it's up to you to save her before your arch nemesis does who-knows-what to What's-Her-Name! There are 12 brand spankin' new levels to push your platforming skills to the limit, and several characters make return engagements in the second installment of this popular series, including Peter Puppy and Bob the Goldfish. While using a Snott swing may sound ridiculously childish, EARTHWORM JIM 2 isn't just for the kids; gamers of all skill levels will find that the game is fun, unique, and most of all challenging, with hilarious characters, level designs, and music that will keep you coming back for more.