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Dragon Force

Dragon Force Dragon Force Dragon Force Dragon Force Dragon Force Dragon Force

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May 26, 1997






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Dust. Fire. Blood. The world of Legendra has fallen prey to the frightening reign of Madruk. His unquenchable thirst for power has replaced tranquility with terror, laughter with screams, and honor with treachery. Alas, the solitary hope for redemption has been reduced to eight powerful warlords. One must rise from amongst them and gather the rest into a united band. You must choose which one will be granted that task. Eight different storylines follow your quest to command a multitude of generals with myriads of soldiers at their command. Witness the power of SEGA Saturn as each battle bursts onscreen with up to 200 frenzied warriors running, hacking, and slashing their way to victory in real time! Never fear, however, because you are always in total control of the overall battle strategy. Change tactics on a moments notice. Recall troops to defend your general. Send your Dragons forth to attack. And, when your opponent least expects it, launch forth magic of unspeakable power! Step forth brave warrior, the destiny of all Legendra lies solely in your capable hands.