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Digimon: Rumble Arena

Digimon: Rumble Arena

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February 2002






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Cute, cuddly and ready to rumble! Digimon Rumble Arena comes to life in this truly Digimon-umental release! It's time to see who is truly powerful here: Takuto and his little red dragon or Davis and the all-powerful Veemon? With Digimon Rumble Arena in your PlayStation, you'll get to match the 2 little critters up and see who goes down first! This Smash Brothers-style free-for-all sets up 24 Digimon from all 3 TV seasons against each other in 7 different battlegrounds, each with its own hazards and items to snag. Each fighter has 3 main moves, typically including one long-range or melee attack to add even more action. As you score hits or sustain damage, the Digivolve meter at the bottom of the screen fills up; once it's filled you'll be able to Digivolve and unleash special attacks and finishing moves that'll humiliate your opponent. Finishing the one-player mode unlocks extra Digimon and 3 different minigames. With user-friendly controls and loads of adventure, this game will have the whole family coming back for more.