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Civilization II

Civilization II

Release Date

January 20, 1998






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Become a part of the Civilization II phenomenon. Build an empire to span history, making every critical social, economic, and political decision. Compete against some of the greatest leaders of all time. It's discovery. It's diplomacy. It's your destiny. So play your every move carefully. Because in this game, you either stand the test of time or you're history. Civilization II now conquers new territory on the PlayStation game console. An addictive world building experience, Civilization II allows the player to construct an empire "from scratch" using military and management tactics to turn a primitive tribe into an omnipotent world power. Defend and conquer using a wide range of weaponry. Deploy a variety of troops, equipment and technology...from archers, paratroopers and elephants to AEGIS cruisers and Stealth fighters. Plan a strategy to outwit history's most cunning leaders. Advanced diplomatic tactics allow you to wage war, make peace or form cooperative alliances with other nations. An all new interface adapted especially for the PlayStation game console lets you lead your empire with ease. Plus, a Beginner mode offers hints along the way.