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Champions: Return to Arms

Champions: Return to Arms Champions: Return to Arms

Release Date

February 7, 2005


Teen - ESRB






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SLAY YOUR WAY TO GLORY A battle of unimaginable brutality looms aross the land, and Champions are being summoned to fight for the forces of good and evil. Pick your side, choose your deadliest arms, then slay your way to victory in Champions: Return to Arms - the powerful sequel to the must-have action-RPG of 2004, Champions of Norrath. Rediscover all the action-packed, hack-n-slash fun with up to 100 hours of gameplay per character, unlimited battles, deadly missions, horrific creatures and stunning environments.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHAMPION 7 races & 7 classes, including new Vah Shir Berserker and Iksar Shaman.
  • COOPERATE OR DECIMATE Give your friends a hand in cooperative mode - or challenge them to a head-to-head duel in the Arena. Up to 4-player action online or offline with Multitap.
  • ADVANCED MISSION SYSTEM Explore and conquer over 50 areas, including thrill-filled, non-linear side quests.
  • LIVE THE STORY Choose your fate in a dynamic plot filled with intrigue, adventure and unexpected twists.
  • WIN POWERFUL MEDALS Medals do more than prove your prowess - they are your key to unlocking secret levels.
  • IMPORT YOUR CHAMPION Give your character from Champions of Norrath a glorious return to arms, with new weapons, armor, spells, skills and levels.
  • PLAY ONLINE Intuitive lobby system with buddy lists and private chat rooms lets you share the thrill of battle. USB headset support makes the interaction even more intense.
  • SPECTACULAR SPELLS AND MORE New skills, spells, weapons and armor for every character type.