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Blazing Dragons

Blazing Dragons

Release Date

October 31, 1996






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The game spins the tale of Flicker, an aspiring inventor-dragon, and his seemingly hopeless love for the fair Princess Flame. Princess Flame must soon marry, and her betrothed will be the dragon who prevails in the upcoming Knight's Tournament. Flicker, a lowly squire, knows that winning the tournament is his only shot at Flame's hand - er, claw - but cannot enter because he is not a knight. However, if he can become the right-hand dragon of one of the Knights of the Square Table, he will get his chance. Off he goes to seek the post - and thus begin the player's troubles: Each of the Knights, as it turns out, is a complete bumbler and has managed to get his royal tail in one sort of sling or another. Before the lowly squire can even become eligible for the tournament, he must first save each of the four bungling Knights from themselves.