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Battle Chess

Battle Chess Battle Chess

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September 16, 1994





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The battle rages on. The winds and cires of war excite you. The music of medieval warriors transports you to another time, another place, in another attempt to capture the enemy! The age-old strategy game meets interactive multimedia technology in this new rendition of Battle Chess made for your 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system! The revolutionary graphic system and digital sound technology are used to the fullest, bringing cinematic features (including motion-picture style zooming and panning), animation streaming and character enlargements that fill the screen. Test your red-blooded courage as you enter a medival world where every bishop, knight and pawn is breathtakingly animated into lifelike form, and guided by a magnificent chess logic system that challenges everyone from the beginner to the most sophisticated player. So sharpen your sword and your mind for a multimedia battlefield. With bone-crunching battle sound effects, realtime-motion, and magnificent 3D animation, this is the ultimate chess experience.