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November 18, 2002


Teen - ESRB






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Archangel is set in a dark and atmospheric world, where players discover that Michael Travinsky (an innocent family man) has been tragically killed in a horrific car crash. The Lord of Light resurrects Travinsky, as he believes that Travinsky is the next Chosen One and that only he can save the world from a deadly evil that looms in the shape of vicious demons and ghosts. The presence of these demons is growing, but humans continue to be utterly oblivious to their existence and to their own impending doom. The player is thrust into the center of the action as they guide Travinsky through three violent epochs: Medieval, Futuristic and The Forgotten Place. Throughout these epochs, Travinsky must hunt and destroy the evil demons, who are dead set on wiping out the human race forever. Even with a huge arsenal of close combat, mid- and long-range weapons at his disposal, Travinsky has only a small chance of achieving his goal, as many of the Chosen Ones have gone before him and all have died in past encounters with the powerful and numerous foes. Gamers must therefore use the right combination of skill, strength and bravery if they are to help Travinsky save mankind. Along the way players do receive a little help. As players complete each mission or kill enemies, they collect Essence that can then be used to upgrade weapons or enhance their skills. This also has a direct impact upon the way NPCs interact with Travinsky.