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18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker

18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker

Release Date

May 22, 2001






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Pick your driver and hit the highway, just keep a lookout for your smack-talking rival, Lizard Tail. Not only will he taunt you on the CB, he'll try every dirty trick in the book to blow by you, but don't worry about him, just shift up, and keep the hammer down. In 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker for Dreamcast, smashing into just about everything is fair game. Crash through barricades, careen into cop cars, and smack the Bonus Vans for added seconds on the clock. You'll haul ass across America as either Moonlight, a flashy disco king; Wild Rose, a leather clad lady trucker; a brawny beer-bellied guy named Mad Bull; or Texas Hawk, a cowboy whose collection of sunglasses is unparalleled around the world. Their rigs are extensions of their unique personalities - flashy and fast or steady as a rock. Pick the rig that's going to get your cargo over the mountains, through storms, and across the country from New York City to San Francisco, with cargo drops in Key West, Dallas and Vegas.